Quality Assurance for Custom Production

Mountain View provides custom production that is accurate and precise. We use CMM and optical comparators, offering a dynamic range of QA functions based on the demands of the specific project.

Optical Comparators

Mountain View Machine and Welding utilizes optical comparators as a staple in our quality assurance system. Optical comparators (also known as comparators or profile projectors) measure, inspect and compare the dimensions of parts. The optical comparator was patented almost 100 years ago in 1925, and has been invaluable ever since. Over the last century, the basics of this tool have changed very little. The quality of the optical components has been greatly improved, and optical comparators have been upgraded and enhanced through digital technology.

CMM in Design Prototyping

Mountain View Machine and Welding takes pride in our consistent, precise design prototyping process. Our CMM capability identifies potential design flaws or manufacturing errors before the design reaches production. With the help of our coordinate measuring machines, Mountain View is able to improve design prototyping that is accurate as close as .0002”, so you can be confident that even the most intricate design will be constructed with precision. Whether you’re pursuing rapid prototyping or large-scale production, our CMM capabilities can ensure your product is flawlessly constructed.


Why Choose Mountain View Machine and Welding

Mountain View Machine and Welding is a highly-experienced precision machine shop. We pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture nearly anything. We make precise, accurate parts and working prototypes regardless of the material or complexity.

Our expert team of machinists has years of experience in machining services and custom manufacturing for various organizations, including NASA, for both local and national customers. If you bring us a drawing, we will make it into a reality. We have many clients with vastly different custom production needs. If you can dream it, our team can likely build it! Call us today at (435)755-0500.