Manual Lathes and Mills

In addition to CNC machining, our skilled team utilizes manual lathes and mills to facilitate rapid prototyping and create one-of-a-kind machine parts.

Crucial Components of a Machining Shop

In our computer-navigated, automated world, we still see situations that are best served by manual processes. For prototyping or one-time jobs, manual mills can save many hours of work, which results in faster turnaround and lower production costs.

CNC machining requires precise–often extensive–input and programming. If a company is producing dozens or hundreds of parts, the time spent entering data is offset by the recurring speed of production. For prototypes and other one-time projects, manual mills and lathes enable machinists to create the item directly, without computer input.

Because we utilize manual mills and lathes, operated by skilled machinists, we are able to offer rapid prototyping and other speedy production that simply can’t be achieved using CNC machining. We recognize the value of manual machining. We strive for efficiency, and our team includes expert manual machinists who deliver dependable products in a small amount of time.

Custom Machine Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture nearly anything, with nearly any material, regardless of the item’s complexity. Our team of expert machinists has years of experience in manual lathes and mills. We’ve delivered custom manufacturing and machining services in many industries for local and national customers. If you bring us a drawing, we can make it a reality.

Our custom machining shop serves a wide range of clients, from local farmers to large aerospace contractors, and everything in between. We are much more than a machine parts manufacturer, and we have many clients with vastly different custom production needs. We can create replacement parts, prototypes, and much more. If you can dream it, our team can build it! Call us today at (435)755-0500.