Our Machining Services And Capabilities

At Mountain View Machine and Welding, we have the skills and equipment to manufacture nearly anything, with nearly any material, regardless of the complexity. Our team of expert machinists has years of experience in custom manufacturing and machining services across many industries.

Lathes and Mills

In addition to manual lathes and mills, Mountain View Machine & Welding, Inc. recently purchased 2 new machines for our CNC machining services. These new additions are the Romi 620 Lathe which offers a bigger spindle bore, and the Mazak Nexus VCN-530CII. These new machines streamline our work and offer updated technology for a better finished product. We know how important it is to stay current with technology; staying up-to-date enables our staff at Mountain View Machine & Welding, Inc. multiple means of programming, operating and machining simulation resources.

Waterjet 13′ X 6′

Mountain View Machine and Welding uses Flow® Waterjets to execute low temperature cutting of almost any type of material for clean cuts and smooth edges. We have state-of-the art 5-axis and 2-axis Flow® Waterjets in our custom fabrication shop.

Waterjet cutting is a process of generating pressure and converting that pressure into velocity that is then focused on an extremely narrow point. This enables the water to cut through most materials. Waterjet machines can also cut through various depths of materials with no heat-affected zones or secondary processing needed.


Our Flow® Waterjets produce ultra-high pressure (up to 94,000 psi)

To cut through harder materials, we introduce garnet into the water stream. The garnet acts as liquid sandpaper as it mixes with the small high-pressure water stream to cut cleanly through strong materials such as steel and titanium.

Our 5-axis waterjet system is capable of cutting angles up to 60 degrees and can execute extremely complicated cuts and bevels. Waterjet cutting results in smooth, clean cuts the first time. Because secondary processing is unnecessary, waterjet cutting can decrease the total time required to produce your parts.

Our custom fabrication shop serves clients including government and aerospace contractors. Because we are an outstanding machine parts manufacturer, our clients represent a variety of industries and custom production needs. We create replacement parts, prototypes, and a number of other items. If you can dream it, our team can build it. Call us today at (435)755-0500.