Our Machining and Manufacturing Certifications

Our team of experts are experienced and certified in many different areas of machining and manufacturing. See what we can do for you and your industry by reading through our codes and certifications.

From Nuts and Bolts to Aircraft, Space, and Military Manufacturing

At Mountain View Machine and Welding, our experience is broad as well as deep. We pride ourselves on being able to make almost anything, including parts for aircraft and aircraft engines, guided missiles, space vehicles, and military armored vehicles.

Our NAICS Codes

As an experienced machining shop, we have extensive experience crafting incredibly precision parts for clients of many different industries. Here are the NAICS codes that best describe our capabilities and experience:

332710 Machine Shops336412 Aircraft Engine & Engine Parts MfG
332312 Fabricated Structural Metal MfG336413 Other Aircraft Parts & Auxiliary Equipment MfG
332322 Sheet Metal Work MfG 336414 Guided Missile & Space Vehicle MfG
332510 Hardware MfG336415 Guided Missile & Space Vehicle Propulsion Unit & Propulsion Unit Parts MfG
332721 Precision Turned Product MfG 336419 Other Guided Missile & Space Vehicle Parts & Auxiliary Equipment MfG
332722 Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet & Washer MfG 336992 Military Armored Vehicle, Tank & Tank Component MfG
332812 Metal Coating, Engraving & Allied Services to Manufacturers 336999 All Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

Other PSC Manufacturing Codes

Additionally, the following PSC (Product and Services Codes) showcase our experience and expertise.

  • Class Code A Research & Development
  • Class Code H Quality Control, Testing & Inspection
  • Class Code J Maintenance, Repair & Rebuilding of Equipment
  • Federal Supply Code 11 Nuclear Ordinance
  • Federal Supply Code 15 Aircraft & Airframe Structural Components
  • Federal Supply Code 16 Aircraft Components & Accessories
  • Federal Supply Code 34 Metalworking Machinery
  • Federal Supply Code 49 Maintenance & Repair Shop Equipment
  • Federal Supply Code 53 Hardware & Abrasives

A Local, Full Service Machining Shop

At Mountain View Machine and Welding, we are an experienced team of precision machine manufacturing experts. We are conveniently located in Nibley, just off Hwy 89/91. We have a highly experienced team and a meticulously organized shop with state of the art machining equipment and tools. We feel confident in our ability to meet your custom fabrication needs for everything from simple replacement parts to complex aerospace or military vehicle components.

We are proud to be able to manufacture nearly any part or prototype, regardless of the required materials and complexity. Contact us today to set up an appointment and receive your free custom manufacturing estimate. We look forward to serving you.