Local Custom CNC Machining Services

At Mountain View Machine and Welding, we utilize computer numerical control (CNC) mills and lathes in our custom fabrication of complicated parts, especially those that require tight tolerances.

How Does CNC Machining Work?

CNC machining enables our custom manufacturing shop to produce complicated parts or components that would be difficult or nearly impossible to produce using manual tools. Our CNC mills and lathes take a base piece of material and remove portions of it until only the finished part you need is left.

Our expert machinists take drawings and convert them into the computer’s programming language. The computer uses this input to feed a set of instructions to the tool, including what bit to use, at what speed to rotate, and in what direction to travel. The mill or lathe will then perform an intricate, high-speed dance, removing material from various locations resulting in incredible or complicated 3D parts and products.

What is the Difference Between CNC Mills and Lathes?

The differences between CNC lathes and CNC mills is primarily a difference of how the machine and its components rotate. With a CNC lathe, the workpiece rotates at a high rate of speed and the lathe presses into the spinning material to carve out a shape. In contrast, it is the cutting tools of the CNC mill that move around the stationary workpiece, removing the excess material to shape the finished product. These differences result in various types of finished products. Because they are completely computerized, CNC mills and lathes produce precise parts with very tight tolerances.


Custom Manufacturing and Parts Fabrication

At Mountain View Machine and Welding, our team of expert machinists have years of experience in custom manufacturing for local and national customers in many industries. We can manufacture nearly anything, regardless of the complexity, and with nearly any material. Bring us a drawing, and we can make it into a reality.

Mountain View Machine and Welding is much more than a machine parts manufacturer. We have many clients with vastly different custom production needs. From local farmers to large aerospace contractors, and everything in between. From replacement parts to prototyping, if you can dream it, we can build it!